Our Commitment to Quality

ASLON Management Inc., through continuous improvement and commitment of it’s Team Members, is dedicated to fully satisfying our customers by listening and going beyond their expectations with best-in-class industrial adaptive solutions, products and professional services.

ASLON is totally committed to listening to our customer and insuring that the above statement is honoured and total customer satisfaction is met. Our Commitment to Quality is unrivaled. Our priority is quality management and quality assurance.

Our processes and procedures are driven and audited on all levels by our QMS (Quality Management System). The following is a brief list of some of the industry-wide recognized tools the we employ daily:

  1. Continuous Improvement Philosophy
  2. Internal Quality Surveillance and Auditing
  3. Poka-yoke and Error-Proof Engineering
  4. PFMEA, Kaizen, TPM, and KOI Reporting
  5. IARS – Immediate Action Response System

As is any system, it is not infallible. Through the IARS, any supplier or internal defect realized at the customer is dealt with immediately through containment, root cause analysis, corrective action and certification of product for a 24 hour period (or longer if required).

Commitment to Quality Aslon

Commitment to Quality Aslon

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